August 1st – Update:  At a hearing this morning an Alameda County Superior Court Judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order prohibiting the counting of the KPFA recall election ballots until a full hearing on September 10th.  The court ordered the ballots sequestered until then.

July 31st — Breaking News:  Court Hearing Tomorrow – Temporary Restraining Order Sought to Halt Recall Election Due to Exclusion of Eligible Voters

We will update this page tomorrow after the court rules on the request for a Temporary Restraining Order

We have just learned the shocking news that the KPFA recall election that has been under way for months may be invalid because ballots were not distributed to all those eligible to vote and some were distributed to people not eligible to vote. This violates the clear requirements of the Pacifica bylaws and the California Corporations Code. On these grounds a court has now been asked to stop the election.  A statement from Tracy Rosenberg is posted here.

We don’t know the details of how this mistake occurred or who is responsible. We do know that the result is a tragic waste of resources and energy – for KPFA and the Pacifica Foundation; for Tracy Rosenberg, the target of the recall campaign; and for all of the many listener members who have worked both for and against the recall. It’s further evidence – as if any more were needed! – that the furious partisanship that motivated the recall campaign only adds to the grave threats already threatening the future of KPFA and Pacifica.

Distressing as this development is, the problem raised in court by recall target Tracy Rosenberg appears all too real. Pacifica mailed ballots for the recall election on June 28, 2012, using a “record date” (eligibility date) of November 1, 2011 – that is, ballots were sent to everyone who was a qualified listener-subscriber on that date, and not to others who subscribed after that date. In other words, the eligibility date used was almost eight months – 240 days – before the ballots were mailed.

Both our bylaws and the law, however, require an eligibility date much closer to the voting. The California Corporations Code (which governs Pacifica elections because the Pacifica Foundation is registered as a non-profit corporation in California) says the cutoff date for eligibility in an election can’t be more than 60 before ballots are distributed. Pacifica’s own bylaws specify that the interval should be only 45 days. (For the exact language of the California Corporations Code and the Pacifica Bylaws, see below).

What’s at issue is not just compliance with the bylaws and the law – this is a matter of fundamental fairness and democratic rights. The reason the corporations code and the bylaws require record dates close to elections (except for a short interval to allow for preparation of mailing lists, etc.) is to ensure that decisions about an organization are made by its current members. People who let their membership lapse properly give up the right to vote in elections.  On the other hand, people who joined more recently have every right to vote.

In light of this news, we again urge the recall proponents to withdraw their petition, lest we face a rerun that can only prolong the destructive infighting and drain more money, time, and energy – resources that would be much better spent helping KPFA and Pacifica return to financial stability, improve their programming, reach out to new listeners, and take better advantage of today’s technology. 

Whatever happens now with the recall, we wish to thank the hundreds of people who have steadfastly opposed this unwarranted attack on Tracy Rosenberg, one of our national media justice leaders. They  stood up against the infighting at KPFA that undermines the station in this time of endless war, cultural and racist attacks, and the defrauding of our communities.  They endorsed the NO on the Recall campaign, produced and handed out leaflets, talked with KPFA listeners at events, sent messages of support, wrote to news outlets, joined social media discussions, provided web and graphic design, donated generously to help us print and mail our postcard, and held many personal conversations.  Our committee’s effort has been magnified a thousand fold by their work, and we are grateful and encouraged because they understood the nature of this recall and the urgency to defeat it.

~Peter Franck, Adrienne Lauby, Henry Norr, Mara Rivera, Sally Sommer & Carol Spooner – The No on the KPFA Recall Committee

The Rules in Question

Pacifica Bylaws: Article Three, Members of the Foundation, Section 10: Record Date The record date for purposes of determining the Members entitled to receive notice of any meeting, entitled to vote by written ballot or entitled to exercise any other lawful membership action, shall be forty-five (45) days before the date of the special meeting, 45 to 60 days before the day on which the first written ballot is distributed or made available to the Members (based on the reasonable discretion of the National Election Supervisor), or 45 days before the taking of any other action, as applicable.  http://www.pacifica.org/kewg.org/bylaws/art3sec10.html

California Corporations Code Section 5611, part c (c) The bylaws may provide or, in the absence of such provision, the board may fix, in advance, a date as the record date for the purpose of determining the members entitled to cast written ballots (Section 7513).  Such record date shall not be more than 60 days before the day on which the first written ballot is mailed or solicited.  http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=corp&group=05001-06000&file=5610-5617


Ballots are due at the post office on August 3.  Ballot Instructions Here.

If you are a KPFA member and have not received your ballot — call or email the recall election supervisor RIGHT AWAY:  Matt Ward, kpfarecall@gmail.com (323)375-4126.  Be prepared to document your qualifying membership donation.

Read a new Statement from Tracy Rosenberg – July 8, 2012

Read our Rebuttal to the “Save KPFA” Postcard

Are you fed up with the constant internal fighting at KPFA? Do you believe these public conflicts are destructive to our station, our community, and our culture on “the Left”?  Do you want KPFA to stop wasting money and energy on these fights so it can return to financial stability and rise to meet the immense challenges of our times?

Vote NO on the Recall

of Tracy Rosenberg

  • The chief charge against Tracy is that she supported staff cuts at KPFA.  The truth of the matter is that if KPFA had lost another $500k last year (as they did in the previous two years) then KPFA and Pacifica would be in bankruptcy today, and most of KPFA’s staff would have lost their jobs.
  • Pacifica’s Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt stepped up in the Fall of 2010 to do the thankless job that had to be done and that no one else had been willing to do — cut payroll to stop a four-year-long money hemorrhage.
  • Tracy Rosenberg (along with the majority of the Pacifica National Board) courageously supported her, knowing that she would be targeted with abuse for her responsible stance.
  • Both Tracy and Arlene deserve a resounding “Thank You!” for truly saving our station.

Note: Losses were overstated in 2009 and understated in 2008 due to large write-off of uncollectable 2008 pledges in 2009.

  • Even if you think Tracy was wrong, the recall of an elected representative is anti-democratic, it destroys the proportional representation of KPFA listeners on the Pacifica National Board, and is no way for the KPFA community to deal with differing positions on crucial issues.
  • KPFA listeners expect a culture of collaboration and respect where constructive work can be done, even when times are hard and tough decisions must be made.
  • We expect KPFA staff and elected board members to agree to disagree and to work things out civilly — without resorting to character assassination, defamation, and vitriol.
  • Send a strong message to the people behind this recall effort -

Say: “Enough!  Stop it!”

Vote NO

On the Recall of Tracy Rosenberg

More Statements Opposing the Recall

On-Air Live Debate, Friday, June 29th, at 1 PM, between Tracy Rosenberg and recall proponent Margy Wilkinson.  If you missed it, you can listen in KPFA Archives by clicking here.

80 thoughts on “Home

  1. Having grown up in Berkeley with KPFA in the late forties and experienced all the internal conflicts as a sometimes early on engineering volunteer, I support Tracy’s efforts to return KPFA to a sound financial platform.

    The principles that Lou Hill founded KPFA on must supersede the intrenched staff class that thinks they must come first. And do not get me wrong, I am generally a union supporter although I am now a community radio volunteer engineering consultant helping to build new CR stations throughout the country, now with out PTFP funding.

    Community radio can not be seen as a staff retirement plan and should only have enough paid staff to maintain financial stability and necessary coordination. Except for the daily news and some important public affairs shows programers should be generally all volunteers.

    Please vote no on Tracy’s recall, and for a sane KPFA financial policy that Lou hill would approve of. Tom Voorhees

  2. Greetings to KPFA/Pacifica Staffers, LSB Members, Unpaid Vols, Programmers and Listeners.

    Please add Austin Airwaves to the growing list of concerned individuals and groups who oppose the removal of Tracy Rosenberg. We are long time supporters of Pacifica, including KPFT in Houston. We feel the arguments for removal of Tracy are largely baseless. We feel that this any embarrassing example of Pacifica’s ‘circular firing squad’ mindset. Each station must carry its own weight, must be able to pay its own fair share. Losing half a million a year for the last two years, obviously requires painful decisions and cuts.
    We support the positions taken by Tracy Rosenberg and Pacifica’s Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt on the financial crisis now facing KPFT/Pacifica.

    We are pleased to note that KPFT in Houston is doing rather well.

    We look forward to seeing many of you at the NFCB conference in Houston June 13-16th. Austin Airwaves will be hosting a reception. Mention Tracy’s name for a free beer or soft drink!

    jim ellinger
    Austin Airwaves
    Austin, TX

  3. Tracy Rosenberg seemed to be the most informed person about the KPFA operations. She is the one I most trust. Do not voter her out.

  4. This is my response to one 2 people who ere swayed by Save KPFA accusations & who left an email for my response on this issue:
    Dear Richard,
    I have received hundreds of emails from Save KPFA– you (& perhaps one other person) are the ONLY Save KPFA persons who have given an email to respond– so thank you for this opportunity to give my take on what is going on with this recall. Unlike previous portal emails (that I have received off & on in the last 10 years as a PNB member) in which people had their emails listed for me to respond, it seems as if no one with Save KPFA is interested in any observations or opinions other than from those who recruited them to sign the Save KPFA recall petition. I have called this to the attention of 4 people with Save KPFA to no avail. It seems so un-Pacifican for people to not want to hear another point of view for critical analysis before decision-making. But hey– we want to trust someone, so you believe Save KPFA.

    So here’s my take…
    I.) Have worked with Tracy Rosenberg, and although I do not always agree with her, I do not believe that she has done anything meriting a recall.
    2.) Recall is a tactic– this one will cost over $25K minimum. I do not feel that the charges had any merit to start with.
    3.) For sure, Dan Siegel, Laura Prives and Andrea Turner could not get enough votes for the PNB to remove Tracy Rosenberg. They started this campaign (which is their prerogative)– which certainly gives an issue for angry people to unquestioningly rally around.
    4.) Primarily people are upset about programming changes– but that is not the fault of Tracy Rosenberg. This is not the way to handle programming complaints. Some people have have been building ill will & contentiousness for year & a half– starting Concerned Listeners in 2006 & growing Save KPFA from that. This can be a political move to develop a slate for the LSB elections, for example.
    5.) Tracy’s leadership on the the National Finance Cmte. has been inspirational, open & transparent, & most Board Treasurers and Station managers were content with the process. I was not on the PNB at the time; any layoffs were decided upon by the entire PNB in Oct. 2010, not orchestrated by Tracy Rosenberg.
    6.) I admit, I have problems with board members starting campaigns telling people not to financially support their nonprofit.
    7.) I have problems with people who start email smear campaigns, without research or validity, and refuse to admit it when they were in error (like this most recent campaign about the current recall supervisor). When dealing with waves of misinformation on email, I believe that the sender has the responsibility to apologize and contact EVERY SINGLE PERSON who received the misinformation, in each ever-larger circle of dissemination. Who can retrieve rumors, gossip and misinformation?
    8.) The Save KPFA people rejected the first recall supervisor– so please do not blame that delay on Tracy Rosenberg.
    9.) People are sending listeners to websites with some pretty rash accusations. I recommend this one for some perspective: http://www.stopthekpfarecall.org . I think that I will have my comments put on this website.

    Thanks for asking for my observations and opinions,
    Teresa J. Allen
    PNB Director, KPFT Local Station Board

  5. I am a 35 plus year listener and donor. It would take me years to try to understand all the KPFA disputes–and don’t want to–I’d rather listen to the programs. Irespect and know many of the staff and admire many of the non-staff producers. I agree with the sentiments above: people have to agree to disagree and work together. We-and the world–need what KPFA has to offer.

    Jim Eitel

  6. Let’s get together and fight for this great radio station that gives us some HOPE
    to keep us going. I feel sick from all the infighting that is going on. No more layoffs. Get more people benefits for KPFA. My favorite show is Flash Point and I hated to see Nora get layoff. I admire her so much for her work with Palestine children.
    It’s amazing to hear Nora (back) and Amy they are my heroes.
    STOP this waste of ENERGY for better battles

  7. Since there is no email address at which to contact the”NO on the Recall” group, I’m posting this announcement here in the interest of a transparent process: I received a duplicate of everything in the mail: two official ballots, two postcards from both the “yes” side and the “no” side. I’ll be voting once against the recall. Since I got duplicates of both sides’ statements, this is probably just a clerical or mailing list error. I just wanted to make it known.

  8. I am sorry to hear this is going on yet again at KPFA. I remember the huge uproar and lock out many years ago. I don’t get KPFA any more in Santa Cruz except the news on KZSC, but place my faith in those opposing this recall and don’t support it! Sound like KPFA needs some NVC guidance or good mediators on board. I don’t want to be robbed of one of the few sources of alternative media left!!

  9. I know Tracy Rosenberg to be capable, conscientious, and committed — three qualities in short supply at Pacifica. I also know those who have targeted her for recall. They are engaged in a cynical sham in order to protect their own personal privileges, even though it may cripple Pacifica. Watching this shameful witch-hunt from WBAI in New York, I am saddened but not much surprised at their behavior. I hope you will vote NO on Recall. — Steve Brown, Member of the WBAI Local Station Board (affiliation for purposes of identification only)

  10. I voted no. After much study I finally got that it is essentially a turf war and that the Save KPFA people want to push out a lot of the programmers that I like the most. It is maddening to watch them call themselves Save KPFA because that is not what they are about. They are about attempting to shape KPFA to their liking and get rid of those who do not think like they do and air issues that they do not think should be aired.

    • If you are a KPFA member and have not received your ballot — call or email the recall election supervisor RIGHT AWAY: Matt Ward, kpfarecall@gmail.com (323)375-4126. Be prepared to document your qualifying membership donation.

  11. I was all for taking out the morning show. These people that were taking over KPFA, were doing it for their own politics concerning gay issues, which effect us all, but is not ALL that is wrong with the world. They were taking over a radio station that was not built up with their dollars, but felt that it was their personal soap box. Thank you for saving KPFA for the rest of us!

  12. Why is it that all the programmers and supporters of programming relating to israel/palestine (Dennis B, VOMENA Staff, Barbara Lubin, etc) are opposing this recall?? The issue hasn’t surfaced in the pro recall-anti recall debate, as far as I know… Is this just a coincidence?

  13. KPFA represnts the best of freedom of speech and truth in the news that I risked my life for in WWII. Phil Arnot (B-17-1 co-pilot 8th Air Force, England, Ser. no. 0778691)

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